Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad Mommy!

that's it.. i have been a bad Mommy... why? OK, like you haven't already said to yourself that my last post was like 3 months ago. In this time we have celebrated Thanksgiving at our house, Christmas, New Year's and the big even of the year... Renee turned 3! My littlest princess is growing up too fast, and so is her attitude! Not a night goes by that i don't look at her in complete amazement. She is fascinating! She is so smart and so beautiful and such a BULL! She is so strong! I can tell her to pick up her toys and she will simply say "NO" and for some reason, the request is forgotten! But at night... I love to look at her little face. Her long eyelashes. Her hand on her head, from playing with her hair. Her itty bitty litte toes that have grown so much. She is so hard on her big sister, yet loves her with every bit of herself. My girls may fight.. all the time... but would never want to be with out the other.

Lately I have noticed that Erin has outgrown her freckles. She had the cutest freckles, that now you can hardly see. Such a porcelein complexion. While admiring their beauty, I start to see mine falling behind. i have so much gray hair! My complextion has so much to be desired. I find myself trying to come up with ways to make myself look younger.

Oh well.... another day is going to fly by. I guess I am passing my "good looks" down to my blessings!

Some of Renee's birthday pictures....
renee's 3!
birthday cake #2
pretty girl!