Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin!!!!

Happy 6th birthday honey! Mommy loves you SO much. You are an unbelievable miracle and such a blessing. You are so smart, so outgoing and SO beautiful! You really are the complete package!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Is it really that bad?

OK, if you haven't already noticed, Erin has lost some teeth. Her bottom were lost about a while ago, and she just lost a top on about a week ago, thank sto her little sister that yanked it out for her. Each too that has fallen out has been like hell on earth! Erin would cry for hours and scream because of all the blood

Well tonight I learned a trick.... when a tooth gets as loose as the other top one was today, the movies is the best place to be! She bit into a hot dog and immeidately said "mommy my tooth fell out!" Now of course there was a moment of panic since it was dark and we have a lost tooth! Thankfully it was still in her mouth. Now, that's the next problem. Just like when she lost her 2 nd tooth. She didn't exactly lose it, it had a little help. Well, this one needed a little help too. Fortunately, we were ar the theater, so no screaming/ crying allowed. I simply yanked that last little piece out and put it on a napkin ( I was actually prepared for this today with a baggie in my purse and extra tissues). She asked me if there was blood..... hey! it is dark in here, of course no blood >:0 Life went on.... like a miracle, the moment came and went with no drama.

All I can say is High School Musical helped make this night SO much easier! Thank you Troy Bolton!
Both girls fell asleep on the way home.

Oh yeah, it is birthdya Eve here. My baby is officially 6 tomorrow!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy (almost) 6th birthday Erin!

Yesterday was Erin's "friend" birthday party. Her real birthday is November 8th, but we wanted some cousins to be able to come, so we made it a week early. Look how much fun everyone had....

The birthday girl....

her birthday cake...

Erin's party room....

Kids playing in the gym... (on the big inflatable)

In the pit...

yeah!!! Time for cake!


Fun Fun Fun!!!

time for Ledo's for pizza!

Sisterly love...

Erin and her Godfather (Uncle Mike) and Auntie Eva...

Crazy cousin Nate...

Auntie Eva and Renee...

Erin and Grandma Joan...

Erin and her Godmother (Auntie Adge) and friend, Cal...

Cousins from Ireland...

Erin, Renee and Catherine...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking back...

A little late, but here is looking back to the girls first day of school....

Waiting for the bus that is coming for the first time!
Kissing Mommy good bye!
not a happy sister....
Finally Renee's first day!!!



happy Halloween!

The girls had a wonderful halloween, and look how cute they are!!!!
Halloween 08

And Renee our littlest fairy...
Our little fairy
And our beuatiful Monarch butterfly (with attitude)...
A beautiful butterfly!
The girls and all of their friends on the block...
with all their friends

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blah Day

that's it... nothing exciting going on. If anyone was ever thinking about this, we received the genetic study back on the baby we lost in August. It was a girl. After ultrasounds telling us it was a boy, it was a girl. Her name will be Sophia Maree. Momy loves you little one! Have fun with your brother(s) and sister! Hugs and kisses! We miss all of you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

An adult, what's that?

When I thought about making a blog, I thought, well, what do I have to say. not a lot. I can't give any great advice, I am crafty, but not that crafty, but when someone tells me they actually read this.... Whoa!

Yesterday was pretty fun! Other than school :-I We had Oktober fest! It was a lot of fun having that little party with the teachers and staff. After that, Scott and I went out with some friends. It is so tough staying awake past 9:00! Yikes! But one of the best parts???? Grandma and Grandpa took the kiddos! Yeah for Grandma and Grandpa! This Mommy actually got to do some adult stuff and did some shopping. They kept the kids so busy Renee fell asleep at 5:30 today. Here's to an early morning! Good night, and THANK YOU Grandpa and Grandma for putting up with my 2 monsters! I love you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring!

It's raining. I would have known that if I was able to watch the news.... ever! All the TVs are taken up at night.... football, basketball, baseball, Dora, Handy Manny, Tom and Jerry. When the weather does finally come on, I am usually putting someone to sleep. There is time in the morning before I leave for school, but who wants to run the risk of waking any little people in the house up... not me!

Not much of an eventful weekend, unless buying winter coats is your thing. Can't deny that flakes will be flying sooner than we think! On the hand, the countdown is on.... my baby will be 6 years old in 19 days, but who's counting. It still seems like yesterday I was holding my big tummy feeling her hiccups. She as wanted every birthday party under the sun.... build a bear, gymnastics, at home (that would mean cleaning :-O ) Flying High won, where she takes gymnastics. The true winner???? The vanilla cake with cookie dough ice cream (Erin's favorite on top) Yum!

Well, dinner will be here soon. What are we having.... that still remains a mystery!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I hate cleaning

Title says it all. I hate cleaning. I hate washing floors, cleaning toilets, dusting, cleaning bedrooms, wiping down everything in the house, vacuuming... everything. I hate cooking. I am bad at it. I cannot come up with any good ways to make anything. I do love cooking with the recipes from the Pioneer Woman ( ) Now, those I can do, and a lot are really yummy too.

But, in the end, my house will be clean, smell good, and I will feel good about it. That is until 5 minutes after I am done and it will look just like when I started. Oh well.

On the bright side.... I got some sleep last night and my headache has gone away! Woo Hoo!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Will it ever just go away??

Ahhhh, a few days of no posts. That would be because of a terrible headache I have had- for like the last 4 days! I think it had a school parent's name all over it. Remember the old days when you went home and the only way your parents could ever communicate with a teacher was either by going in to school the next day, writing a note or maybe calling school? Well, today, we have the invention of e-mail. So, if being with these children for 7 hours a day wasn't enough, now we have to go home and check our e-mail. That has been the case with a parent this week. Nothing major, nonetheless time consuming.

So on Wednesday, Erin decides to tell me her ear hurt and that she has an ear infection. OK, called the doctor, to find out she's fine, but might have strep. they gave her a strep test. Actual test, 5 seconds. Time getting her to do the test, about 20 minutes. My little whimp! Negative, thank goodness.

Today was an interesting day.... Erin was off of school, so she came to school with me. She was like a queen! I dug out an old school shirt that she wore. She fit in like a glove! She went all day from kindergarten and my classroom all day. She made tons of pictures, drew on my board and was made the start student of the day. Of course she hated every minute of it!

Well, tonight is Friday.... pizza night! Yum!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just another day in paradise!

Well, was up at 5:30 AM this morning, again. That seems to be my usual time, thanks to Renee. Why it takes me an hour and ahalf to get ready in the morning is a big question in my mind, but, oh well! I got to school a little after 7:00. Kids come in at 7:45. they were so tired today! They were like walking zombies! While showing them a great show on the "Crusades" (exciting, huh??) one boy fell asleep! Well, 2:30 came pretty fast, thank goodness.So, finally called the vet today about casey's bandage. Lucky for me, they said to bring her in this afternoon. I called Scott on my way home and he had not only the girls ready, but casey too, to go to the vet. The bandage is off!!! Woo Hoo! But now she gets to wear "the collar" every day until next week Friday- they said she already tore out one staple (ouch!!)On our way to the vet, I asked the girls how school was. Erin was her usual "good". they played a word game. Then i asked Renee. My beautiful, smart, and a total monster child. She says, "i pushed them down." I ask Renee, "you pushed what down (thinking- god, let her have pushed down blocks, books, please...." Renee replies, "the other kids! They were being bad to me!" I reply "What did your teacher say?" "Be nice" she says. Aaahhhhhhh, Renee!!!!We go to gymnastics. Erin does a great job, even though the teacher had to coax her. A lot. Renee gets her turn. While waiting to go on the balance beam, a little girl sits on Renee's mat. My head sunk and all I could think is, this cannot be good. I watch closely, as Erin wants me to scratch all of her mosquito bites, even though she rarely plays outside any more. First Renee decided to just tell teh girl to move (good girl, Renee). Now she sits down, on the mat and keps bumping the girl with her butt. OK, still no physical violence. Good.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We're baaaaaaccckkkkkk!

Well, we are back from Iowa. The girls had SO much fun (thanks to Grandpa). We arrived about 6:30 yesterday. In little girl talk, that means 1 hour in the POOL before it closes!!! Good ol Grandpa took them, while Grandma, Grandma Mary and Mommy "went to work". We hit the casino and guess what! I lost- everything I had "planned to spend yesterday night." Oh well. At least the bed will be comfty tonight.

When we met up and all talked about our losses, we headed back for the rooms. Grandpa was assigned to sleep with Erin, and I was assigned the bed next to them with Renee. Well, no one really assigned, but who really wants to sleep next to the only one who will most likely wake up in the middle of the night! Well, 9:00 and no one is asleep. Grandpa goes off "to work" and Grandma and Grandma Mary turned in for the night. Magically, the sleeping fairy came and Renee was sleeping in no time. Then, Aaahhhhhhhh, Mommy fell asleep. Who knows when Erin fell asleep, she was busy playing her DS. I do know that by the time Grandpa came in (about 1 AM) Erin was sleeping. Grandpa did well!

Today, we had a yummy breakfast, then we went back "to work". Last time we came here and told Erin some of the names of the games we were playing, she wanted to go see them, so now, we tell her we went to work. no questions asked, she doesn't want to work! Grandpa had quite the itinerary for them. First the pool, then to McDonalds, and then playtime at the park. How Erin stayed awake the whole ride home, I'll never know!

I went back to the game I lost on yesterday, the penny slots of "The Wizard of Oz"

It is amazing... I mean the idea of slot machines. On the "old fashioned" machines.... the ones that don't require a monitor and you still have the opportunity to pull handle, you search for the one you feel is ready to pay off next. Everyone has their own idea of which ones those are. My favorites, the ones on the end. Specifically I like the "Deluxe" games. They are ones that have arrows on the symbols. If it is close to the win line, and it has an arrow, it will bounce to the win line and, well, MAYBE you will win something! So, after a losing morning, I was ready to head back home. I did good on a dollar machine. So, I carefully watch the machine... OH! The symbols to win the top prize keep showing up.... this machine MUST be ready to pay off. Yeah, right, 60 bucks later, not paying. Back to my original game...."The Wizard of Oz"- the same one I lost on yesterday (now there's logic, huh?) Well, the machine I had yesterday and of course the only machine open today is the one with no sound. It just isn't as much fun. This is one of the new kind of slot machine. It is more like a computer and when you win, you have absolutely no way of knowing why you won. You can bet anything from one penny (good luck winning anythign with that) all teh way to $3.00. Finally the person next to me moves. Make a long story short.... I WON!!!! Enough to break even and have left overs to pay for a certain little girls 6th birthday party coming up, well, maybe, OK, maybe a new pair of shoes for her too...... OK, maybe for her sister too.

We're home. Erin can't wait to be back in Iowa. Aaahhhhhh. The fond memories she is gathering of being a kid! At least Renee fell asleep on the way home.

By the way, Casey hung in there while we were gone. Tomorrow I will call the vet cause she is chewing on her bandage and leg. Hopefully they will take it off tomorrow.

Scott is still alive too. He is happy we are home, for sure. Now to figure out dinner........

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

OH! I almost forgot! Happy birthday Daddy! What a great way to remember when I started this whole thing!

Day one... and we're off!!!

OK, so I make my first blog post... and it is missing, so technically this is number 2. Oh well. Like I didn't have enough going on right now. Scott- the girls- their schools- ballet- gymnastics- work- wedding coordinating- Girl Scouts- then there is the whole house cleaning thing! Now I started a blog!

Our dog, Casey had surgery last week Thursday. She was walking on 3 legs for a while. Turned out she torn ligaments in her leg. Poor thing. Now she is like a pirate in our house with her leg all bandaged up, not able to move. They did make the bandage look pretty though.... it is hot pink with flowers! She didn't like it too much last night though when she decided to start chewing it. Her swelling has gone down too, which is making the cast slowly slip down. Erin and I have spent most of the last 2 nights on the couch to watch Casey. Last night I wasn't sure i would get any sleep, but hey, who needs sleep anyway?

Today we are going with Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma Mary and the girls and I to Iowa. We are going gambling!!! (well, OK, not the girls- but they do love the pool!) Here's to BIG MONEY!!!

So, here I go, start a blog and not post the next day, well, you know if you see my post tomorrow, we won!