Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trying again

OK, so it has been almost THREE months since my last post! Wow! Time is going crazy fast! But so much has happened since then!

I guess the biggest, and most consuming is my new job! As most people know, after my miscarriage in August 08 I took a position to temporarily sub for an 8th grade teacher. Well, in March, I was called back to take a position at the same school for the 6th grade teacher. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time, I have been working with Sadlier and trying to FIND a job.
It was a Sunday night, I was at my parish to teach Religious Ed. The Director, who is leaving, told me I should submit my resume for the position. This was a whole new twist that I never considered. I went home and talked to Scott about it. I had many questions and some concerns. I ended up submitting my resume and decided to worry about everything should the offer come. To try to help my case, I asked the pastor of the parish I am teaching at for a letter of recommendation. Doing so, he talked about me talking the same position there! All of sudden, i went from being concerned about finding a job due to the economy, to a WOW! On March 17th, I accepted the position. This has not all been easy though.
At the school i am teaching at, they are reducing in enrollment, which means a teacher will have to be fired at the end of the year (and not me since I am a "sub"). The 8th grade teacher I subbed for earlier in the year wanted the position I just accepted. I had to do a lot of talking (especially with Scott, the pastor ad my family), thinking and praying before I accepted, but I knew it was the right thing. Had she been offered and taken the position, no one would have to go. Now, I just feel bad, that someone will have to be leaving.

My girls are doing great! I was able to take Renee to school on Tuesday and for the first time this year, she didn't get upset going. Just a Mommy moment I really needed. Erin is an absolutely INCREDIBLE reader. It is sad. She can read just about anything. I know I helped in this whole process, but a lot of credit really does go to her school. Her awesome teacher is leaving this year.

Casey now has an invisible fence. She also had her first big "Correction". I thought i was going to cry, but she is a smart dog and she learned! I look forward to her spending the summer with the girls, maybe running under the sprinkler with them, but most of all, being their guardian! She will love it too.. long time coming. And YEAH! no more girls getting thrown on their heads from tripping on her rope! WOO HOO!

How different our family is compared to "what could have been". I am happy, the girls are happy. Fishing is starting, so Scott is kinda happy (lol). Crazy.

Have a good day... I need to go to get ready to teach middle schoolers science. BLAH!